welcome to the greatest run of a region in the history of sport

From the start of the new millenium until the middle of 2011, the city of Boston and the New England region as a whole, it's cities, it's fans, have been on the greatest ride any sports nation could ever dream of being on. And the scariest part of it all, is it very easily could've been even better. From the five major professional teams in the area to the few college teams in a couple of sports that are nationally recognized programs in those particular sports, this Boston area is on cloud nine and the future still looks very bright.

Being a fan of sports and a hometown fan, which is something I just don't think I could ever not be, it's been amazing to watch everything happen over a decades time. And after all this time to soak it all in, what makes it more special for me is the history of it all. After the Bruins victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs and their crowning of champions, it's come full circle for the city of Boston and the history part of it is really starting to sink in. I have always been a very big fan of history in any sense. Sports, world, not so much mine, but the other aspects of history are important to me. And to see what we are witnessing is unbelievable. It's not about having a hometown team win anymore, it's all of the teams together writing their own page in the history books. So to show exactly what those books look like, it is my hope that more people can appreciate what exactly is happening.

Over the last decade, plus, the Boston area sports scene has crowned 19 Champions in 7 of the 10 highly respected sports series in this nation. From the NFL, to the NBA, to MLB, NHL, NCAA Mens Basketball, NCAA Womens Basketball and NCAA Mens Hockey, the New England area has had a lot to celebrate. And it's different for this region. And I think it's what makes it even more special in certain aspects. While only having 1 team in each of the major professionals sports series, and having a region of most of 6 states to root for them, it's more like a big family. And being a blue collar town like Boston at the head of the table gives the fans of New England a different feel from fans from other cities and other regions. And that is the true fans. Not the bandwagoners. Not the ignorant. This is for the diehard love my team and respect the sport and it's competitors type of fans. And while you will find the terrible wherever you go, at the heart of this sports nation, there is a type of fan that makes me proud to call msyelf a New Englander. The history of itself for New England and it's people seem to come through in their passions and their love for their home town teams. It just says something about the people that grow up here and take pride in their teams, their city, their region of fans, and embrace all of it and respect the games they love.

So to honor the history that has been made so far I feel almost obligated to put all of it up front on these pages to let more people fully grasp what has transpired since 2000 and see exactly why Boston has been rightfully dubbed the new "Title Town" of the sports world. However, while the future looks bright, we should never forget the past. And while history is being made with each passing sport season, it feels right to look back and appreciate the rest of the championship glory that has been here for over 125 years.